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Respite Care Services

It is estimated that there are around six million carers in the United Kingdom. 1.25 million People provide unpaid care for more than 50 hours per week (NHS Survey of Carers 2009/2010; Census 2001, Office for National Statistics). With a constitutional responsibility to family carers expected in the forthcoming White Paper professional respite services such as those provided by ourselves offer a formal respite solution and are in high demand.

We know how demanding it is to be a family carer, how selfless you are with your time and how little consideration you give to yourself. Respite care is a shorter-term care service designed to give you the opportunity to rest and recharge yourself.  It also works if your own health deteriorates or if in the worst case scenario, you are admitted to hospital yourself.

Planning respire care

Available for a minimum of two weeks, an experienced and fully trained live-in carer will be on hand to continue the routines and lifestyle of the person being cared for. Our care is centred around you or your loved one. It's understandable that it's hard to leave, we respect that and try to give you the confidence through our detailed planning and expertise that your loved ones care is not compromised in your absence. This means that  you can take some time out to truly relax and know that you are returning to a settled and happy home.

Short-term care services

From our research we have found that many families now ask for ongoing respite planning their breaks throughout the year in advance, often benefiting from the same carer each time. However, we also understand that respite care is often an emergency situation, and as a flexible company, we are able to arrange respite care for you.

Short term breaks are the ideal stepping stone if you are considering live-in care as a more permanent ongoing solution. It gives you the opportunity to test the relationship of one to one care without any long term commitment. We can provide short term and respite care for individuals with very specific requirements.

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