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Our mission is to be the leading choice for care at home in Leicester. We do this by using a professional and compassionate team, our team is dedicated to enable older adults and disabled individuals with the ability to remain in a safe and comfortable environment. Our carers assist individuals with all activities of daily living in the privacy of their homes. Our service is an alternative for those who need assistance to remain at home. Caring Companions Homecare is independently owned and operated by experienced carers, we understand exactly what your needs are and your expected outcomes.

 "Our aim is to become the leading choice for care at home by creating a secure, homely atmosphere where clients can feel at ease and know staff are there to help you with your needs"

We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our service users and we provide compatibility. If adjustments are required we gladly make whatever personal changes are necessary to ensure that the client is pleased with our carer. Our assurance offers our clients the peace of mind of knowing they can replace the caregiver at any time. We aim to provide a continuity in care because change can be difficult, we strive to maintain the highest level of continuity of service for our clients.

Our Appraoch

We consider the social, psychological, and spiritual needs of each person as well as their care needs.  We have chosen to remain a relatively small agency so that we do not risk losing this personal involvement.

Person-centred care involves valuing each individual. Whatever someone’s age or infirmity, colour or gender, they are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.  Our carers will do everything they can to provide a best standards of care. Providing person centered approach to care also involves recognising and supporting the unique personal history and personality of individuals.  Homecare is an ideal way to do this as the client remains in their own home.

We take great care to match carers to clients, to ensure compatibility, empathy and mutual respect. We try to ensure we successfully meet your needs, we liaise closely with your people involved in your care such as social services, family members, doctors, nurses etc. This is to give you the assurance of being in control of your care, we regularly monitor our services and gain feedback from you on the way we provide our services and what you think of our services so we can improve on it and if you're not happy, we're not happy the way we provide our services to you.

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