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We understand it can be difficult for one to acknowledge the time has come for support with personal activities to help improve your quality of life and enable your independence. We carry out a personalised assessment, working on your terms ensure you are at the centre of your care planning at all times, we provide a dedicated team of caring and sensitive carers who are dedicated to supporting you with providing care with respect and dignity. We support the decision everyone should be able to stay at home at the comfort of their own home.We closely work with you to help improve the quality of your life as we understand your needs and with our experience we will ensure we try and provide you with the best possible care and meet the essential standards of care guidelines. We always provide a personal touch to the way we provide our services. We ensure we provide continuity in care and inform you of any changes what so ever, ensuing you are never left without care.

Personal Care/Live-in Care, our caregivers can assist you with personal needs such as bathing, dressing, and bathroom needs. We can also monitor and remind you to take your medications.

* Assist with morning wake-up                                  * Bathing, grooming, and dressing assistance      

* Toileting and incontinence assistance                    * Change linens and make beds                

* Assist with evening tuck-in                                     * Medication reminders

Diet and Nutrition Your caregiver will help you prepare healthy meals of your choice. They'll even get the groceries and keep your kitchen organised.

* Grocery shopping                                                  * Meal preparation

Social Engagement, Having someone to talk to and visit with can provide the stimulation and socialisation we all need to live a happier life. We provide companionship

* Play games / cards                                                * Escort to plays, concerts, religious services            

* Recreational activities and crafts                         * Attend club meetings and sports events  

* Help with reading                                                 * Plan visits, outings and trips

Housekeeping assistance let your caregiver perform Housekeeping needs such as sweeping, mopping,

*Vacuuming, dusting.                                               * Light housekeeping                                                   

* Laundry and linen washing                                    * Care for houseplants                             

* Take out garbage                                                  * Organize and clean closets

We often work with your existing support team, from Social Workers, District Nurses and GPs to Physiotherapists and hospital teams, ensuring you receive the very best care. Our dedicated team of carers will support and promote your independence, we adapt our self’s to your requirements.

As well as the above we provide living carer who’s here to help you with personal care, housekeeping, social companionship, medication management.  As long as its within our boundaries to do so we will try and help you improve your quality of life.

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