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Live-in care is the next best option on receiving care at the comfort of your own home rather than receiving care in a care home. Your carer is always on hand whenever you need him at whatever time of the day.  You receive constant care and companionship from our dedicated team of live-in carers and most importantly you build a relationship with your carers as time goes on.  Our carers provide you with personal care, domestic care, continence care, medication reminders and looking after your nutritional care, preparing healthy nutritional meals to your choice most importantly they are there for you, whenever you need them they are there. We have a dedicated customer service team who are just a phone away from providing you with the information you may require.

Staffing & Continuity in care we provide excellent coordinated services and are changes are seamless we ensure all our staff are training to our high standards of training to ensure they can provide you with the best care possible. The change over happens without a hassle to you, the carer will arrive a day before to ensure they see the way your routine works and will stay overnight to ensure there is no disruption in the way services are provided to you or your family.  We ensure we provide you with the carer who meets your needs, when we carry out our assessment we ensure we ask you preference on the requirements of your carers as well as the above we ensure we introduce you to your cares allowing you time to decide on the carers you wish to select, in addition to this if your carer was to fall ill or cannot come we will send you a replacement immediately. Our care professionals normally work 2 weeks on/2 weeks off on a rotary basis some may even work longer as this allows time for you to build a relationship with the carer. This means you are able to relax and know that your care is in safe hands and care will continue uninterrupted. This is predominantly crucial for those with anxiety and memory difficulties.


Live-in care means that your carer will have to have their own room available. Furthermore it is important for us to ensure regular breaks are built into the care package as live-in care is constant care around the clock and it is important that the carer has time for his/her self.

How it all works

Having a live-in carer is a big step for you and your family and at the start you will have a lot questions which I why we offer an informal meeting you with our assessors to ensure we provide you with the best possible service and ensure we answer all your questions you may have before it all begins. With this in mind we have to ensure we gather all the information we require which means liaising with the relevant teams required to ensure we provide you with the best answers for your or you loved ones care. Once agreed we will offer you carers which we feel will meet your needs and will have the opportunity to see them before it all begins.

Personalised services

Your family and friends can be rest assured that the care and support provided is second to none. We provide many personalised services ranging from personal services to companionship ensuring we provide quality care services to you at all times. For us It is importance of promoting and maintaining regular routines and preferences. Our dedicated team of carers  understand your needs; they posses skills, knowledge, commitment, empathy and compassion towards you; these are to name a few.

 We understand

Live-in care enables you to stay in your home, living your preferred lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that your carer will be with you every step of the way, supporting you in your daily routines. Whether you are returning home from hospital or if your current care arrangements are just not enough, we can support you.

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